Saturday, 26 January 2008

smpn1sda SIS: A Wireless Laptop SchoolIn april 2007, SMPN 1 SIDOARJO International School became one of Indonesia's first wireless, laptop schools. Each enrollee in grades 6-12 is issued a school-owned laptop computer to assist them in meeting the demanding needs of a 21st century student. This cutting edge program includes:
A campus-wide wireless computing environment including a hard-wired connection to and from the teacher's housing compound.
An extensive variety of paid online resources including periodicals for indivdual and group research.
A comprehensive online virtual school component to supplement regular classroom instruction: (
A fast broadband Internet connection to all of the school over 400 computers.
A technologically advanced teaching staff with the skills to prepare students for the academic challenges that await them on the university and professional levels.